Terms of Use

Your Interactive Health Record is a description of your medical background, including medical conditions, allergies, medications, blood type and immunization records. In addition, your health record can keep track of all your physicians' contact numbers, emergency family phone numbers, precise care requests, insurance information, pharmacy information and organ donor cards. You have complete control over what information is included and are responsible for the accuracy and thoroughness of the information.  It can be as detailed as you want it to be, but it should be updated at least once a year or whenever important changes occur in your health status.


Your Interactive Health Record is accessible 24/7 via online log-in or a toll-free phone number. You can update the information you include at any time. In an emergency, first responders will be able to log in and review a static copy of your Interactive Health Record from the PIN engraved on your medical ID or by scanning your QR Code Wallet Card. In addition, it can be emailed securely to an emergency room or to a physician.

Your Interactive Health Record is accessible to those you have granted access and given login credentials. You are responsible for the security of your login credentials and QR Code scan access.