Privacy Statement

We Respect Medical Privacy

June 8, 2022


The personal health information you place in your or your child's Interactive Health Record or the personal health information you place in someone else’s Interactive Health Record for whom you act as caregiver is for personal use   alone.


You control any changes to the information in your or a care recipient’s Interactive Health Record. The password that you choose when you set up your personal record lets you add, edit or delete information at any time.


We store your personal information in the Interactive Health record and release it only to those who give us the IHR access information (via PIN number or QR Code scan).


We won't use the personal information you place in the Interactive Health Record for any other purpose.


We will never sell to nor share with another organization the personal health information stored in an Interactive Health Record.


Our staff has access to your file only to help you with its management—only at your request—or to transmit your personal information to those who have your access information.


We won't change the information in your Interactive Health Record unless you ask us to.


We won't supplement your Interactive Health Record information with data from other sources.


We won't restrict your access to your Interactive Health Record.


We secure and encrypt your personal information with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. This protects the privacy of your Interactive Health Record when it is transmitted via the Internet.


The Interactive Health Record website uses session cookies only. Session cookies, small files placed on your computer, track your use of the website to help you navigate it. They do not collect or use information in your personal file. Session cookies are destroyed when you log out.


If you no longer wish to store information in the Interactive Health Record, we'll destroy your file to preserve your privacy.


Your privacy protections don't stop with us:


When health care providers with your access information ask us to transmit your medical information, they are required, under US federal rules, to protect them from view. They must, for example, place fax machines where only authorized personnel can see any documents sent.


Health care providers in the US must make any documents we transmit to them a part of your medical record, where their confidentiality is protected.


You can help maintain your privacy too:


Share your access code and your password only with trusted caregivers or family members to use in an emergency.


Store your access information separately from other sensitive information, such as your Social Security card or driver's license. This will reduce the chance of identity theft.


If you lose your medical ID or believe that someone who shouldn't has access to your Interactive Health Record, contact us immediately.


Do not place in your file highly confidential or potentially sensitive information that you do not want to be revealed under any circumstances. We open your Interactive Health Record to all health care providers who give your access information (including, but not limited to, emergency medical personnel, doctors, nurses, dentists, hospitals, nursing facilities, home health caregivers, ambulatory surgery facilities and hospices). In urgent situations, we act first in the interest of allowing rapid access to medical information about you, the purpose for which you have acquired your medical ID and/or your Interactive Health Record. We depend on your access information to protect you in those circumstances from unauthorized use of your personal record. You should weigh the benefits and risks of the information you place in your Interactive Health Record accordingly.


If you have any questions or concerns about the privacy of personal information in your Interactive Health Record, please don't hesitate to contact us: Call 1-800-363-5985.


Policy Acceptance


By accepting your Interactive Health Record, you authorize American Medical ID (in Australia, Canada, and UK, Universal Medical ID) to store the information that you supply and provide this information about you to health care professionals of your choosing. The accuracy of this information is your responsibility, as is the information that can grant access to it, specifically your last name and password, and your PIN. Therefore, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless American Medical ID (and its subsidiary, Universal Medical ID), including its employees, officers, directors and agents.


You may delete your account at any time if you no longer need or want an Interactive Health Record. If you want assistance with deleting your account, you must provide the request in writing via e-mail or fax. We will contact you to confirm your instructions and identity.

By accepting your Interactive Health Record, you are agreeing not to misuse the platform for fraudulent or illegal purposes or for purposes of harassing or misleading others.

American Medical ID and Universal Medical ID may modify the Interactive Health Record without notice or may terminate the Interactive Health Record service at any time with reasonable notice.

The Interactive Health Record website is solely the property of American Medical ID.  As such visitors and users cannot use content, format, function or design elements without permission.