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MyIHR is available on select products and accessories purchased through American Medical ID and Universal Medical ID

There are two ways to include access to MyIHR on your medical ID purchase:

Many of our most popular designs of bracelets and pendants are available as MyIHR compatible medical IDs. A MyIHR compatible ID is the perfect solution for anyone with changing medications, multiple chronic conditions or an extensive medical history. MyIHR gives you the peace of mind in knowing that you will get the right care for your condition during an emergency situation.

Purchasing a MyIHR compatible accessory is a great way to increase the value of information that your medical ID provides. MyIHR compatible accessories include charms, USB drives, Health Passports and more. Charms are available for both bracelets and necklaces.

MyIHR provided the right information at the time I needed it most.

Every morning after breakfast, I take five different medications to help with two medical conditions I have had since I was a little girl. Two months ago I passed out on my walk to work and hit my head on the sidewalk. When the paramedics arrived, they saw my medical ID bracelet and used the phone number to reach a MyIHR representative. The paramedic was able to get a list of my conditions and medications as well as contact information for my husband and doctor. The information that MyIHR provided took away the guessing game of what happened and helped me get the right care that I needed at the time when I needed it most!