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A Medical ID enabled with MyIHR could significantly help emergency medical services provide you with the correct care for your conditions and ultimately save your life.

If you can't speak for yourself in the event of an accident or debilitating medical episode, your MyIHR enabled medical ID will. MyIHR allows you to create an Interactive Health Record that will provide emergency personnel with your Name, Address, Emergency Contacts, Health Insurance, Conditions,

Medications, Allergies, and more. In order to provide you the best possible care, your Interactive Health Record is available to Emergency Personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, via the website AND telephone.

Update your conditions as they change so that emergency medical responders can give you the right care when you need it most.

Your medications may change; MyIHR makes it easy for you to keep your medication information accessible at all times.

The severity of an allergic reaction may vary from one person to the next, but in an emergency your allergies are “Need to Know” information.

Important Documents
Upload important medical documents like EKGs, MRIs and information about pacemakers or clinical trials.

My History
MyIHR makes it easy for you to keep a current, personal health history. In an emergency, information on past health events may help you receive the proper care.

Family History
Many health concerns occur as a result of family genetics. MyIHR provides a simple solution for keeping a record of your family’s health history.

Who do you want contacted during a medical emergency? Having multiple family and friend contacts will ensure that your loved ones are aware of the emergency situation.

Making this information easily accessible in an emergency will help your loved ones focus more on you and less on paperwork.